WINGS OF VICTORY by Ivor Halstead
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Squadrons Up! did a great deal towards humanizing and recording the dramatic story of those to whom Churchill paid tribute:- ""So many of us owe so much to so few"". Here is the story of the ""few"", those who converted Dunkirk into a symbol of a victory of the spirit, who have saved the Battle of England from becoming a holocaust. The author has selected a representative number, unconscious heroes all; he lets them tell their own stories; he includes tributes from others; he traces the history of the R.A.F., from the First World War to the end of 1940. And he ventures prophecy, already partly substantiated, that the R.A.F. will grow more deadly in defense, more powerful in destruction. Here is as thrilling a story as one could ask of the organization, the strategy, the personnel, of individual heroism, of the essential spirit of the R.A.F. The already classic letter of the airman to his mother is included -- symbolic of what the service means to England and to its members.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1941
Publisher: Dutton