MOSCOW MYSTERY by Ivy Litvinoff


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Once having bridged the gap in pace, between American mysteries and Russian (if this is typical), this is a reasonably good ran of the old schools -- with the corpse and weapon obvious; official authorities brought in at once to muddle along; a newspaper man, up from the streets himself, and a gang of wild boys with whom he is in touch contribute valuable assistance, while members of the police force trace each clue and each channel assiduously, and arrest and adequate number of innocent people; casual notes and indiscreet letters help them along, and finally, the murdered is exposed, and happily disposed of. Authentic background of modern Russia is there but not too palpably. And the identity of the author as Medame Litvinoff adds a certain spice.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1943
Publisher: Coward, McCann