THE LEAVEN OF LOVE by Izette de Forest


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Drawing from her experiences as a student of Sandor Ferenczi, her analysis undertaken with him, and her own years as an analyst, Mrs. de Forest outlines the contributions of Ferenczi to psychoanalytic theory and technique, in terms which can reach the alerted layman but more directly those in the various counseling fields. In developing a psychoanalytic theory and technique, Ferenczi eventually branched off from the concepts of his master and friend, Freud. Mrs. de Forest writes of the dynamic undercurrents of psychoanalysis, the dynamic constants in psychoneurosis, the integral goals of psychoanalysis, the redemption of the patient by active love. Her approach is direct and personalized by numerous case histories which give insight into the progressive stages of analysis, the bases of psychoneuroses, the role of the analyst in the drama enacted in the analytical framework. She feels that the basic tenets of the Judeo-Christian religion are upheld by Ferenczi's therapeutic means and goals. Well written material, especially interesting to those in the psychological field.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1954
Publisher: Harper