THE MOON OF BEAUTY by J. Andersen-Rosendal


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A Danish journalist focusses a rather sentimental gaze on the Orient where ""womanhood is more than just a biological fact"" and where- in its seductive submissiveness- it reflects the wisdom of the ages. While spending the most time in Japan and India, his travels also take him further, and other jewels of the East- Egypt, Persia, Indonesia, Cambodia, attract his attention and occasion a scattered commentary on traditions and taboos, on the practice and practicality of poligamy, on geisha girls, on the emerging emancipation in India, and on the attitudes toward and concepts of love and marriage, and marriage without love but with the satisfaction of an assured status.... Mr. Andersen- Rosendal, something of a sentimentalist, records his definitely surface impressions in an iridescent prose.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1958
Publisher: John Day