SUDDEN DEATH! by J. C. Furnas
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I think a great many of us had the experience repeatedly during the late summer of knowing in advance the answers to ""Did you read ---?"" The question related to an article in The Readers' Digest, And Sudden Death! and the answer was ""Yes."" Discussed the length and breadth of the land, used by judges as part of a sentence on speeding motorists, handed out by traffic cops when serving summonses, quoted and paraphrased and made the text of sermons. Now Simon & Schuster are rushing through the presses a book containing a reprint of the original article, a second article which is shortly to be published in Readers' Digest, and a new section prepared by Ernest M. Smith of The A.A.A. ""How to Keep Alive in an Automobile"". The book will be published bound in bound at $.50, and in paper at $.25. A good chance for plus sales. Keep a stack of the books at the front of the store.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1935
Publisher: Simon & Schuster