YELLOW MAGIC: The Story of Penicillin by J. D. Ratcliff

YELLOW MAGIC: The Story of Penicillin

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A second biography of the miracle drug, penicillin, which dwarfs its predecastor (Sokoloff's Saga of Penicillin -- P. 27) on all counts. With heightened dramatic and human interest, with considerably more factual detail, Ratcliff has told the story of the slow evolution of this germ killer, of Fleming's research which almost accidentally discovered and isolated the mold, in 1829; of Florey, who for 10 years attempted to distill it in sufficient quantity, and finally succeeded in selling, the prohibitively expensive drug to the manufacturers; and finally of military pressure brought to bear to make it available at a critical time. Trial cases, failures when too little was on hand, its vindication now as it is used on all war fronts, with cases otherwise hopeless; its value in venereal disease, its potentials for the future ... Popularised, very readable.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1945
Publisher: Random House