FABULOUS MONSTER by J. Daniel Champier


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Not easy reading, as it takes for granted a pretty thorough knowledge of the complex political background against which the ex-kaiser grew to power. Minute study of him from childhood to the present day, with precise description of pre-war Germany. The author believes in the man, does not make an archangel of him, but wants to exonerate him as a fabulous monster. ""If we will consent to see him as an honest, capable, intelligent ruler, who took the existing system exactly as he found it and worked it for all it was worth, we shall be in a position to profit by the experiment made under our eyes."" Cannot see an automatic sale for this, and doubt whether publicity and advertising, such as justified by such a book, would be sufficient to create the demand. If stocking at all, go slow.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1934
Publisher: Longmans, Green