THE HEART OF A QUEEN by J. Delves-Broughton


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A tasteful romanticizing of one of history's greatest women, England's Queen Bess, which succeeds admirably in giving human warmth and appeal to one of the few famous women who used her beauty and cunning benevolently. Taking her story from Elizabeth's accession to the crown and following the complex political events through which this woman brought her country to a new peak of internal well-being and international power, the emphasis lies on a portrayal of Elizabeth, the woman. Moulded by her dangerous childhood into a pattern of self-discipline, this forced her to frustrate her personal happiness- her enduring love for Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, for the good of the state. The author's extensive research (a bibliography is given) and use of actual conversation, speech and letters wherever possible, lend flavor to this portrait which relies chiefly on the drama inherent in the untouched facts.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1950
Publisher: Whittlesey House