FLOWERS OF EVIL (From the French of Charles Baudelaire) by
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FLOWERS OF EVIL (From the French of Charles Baudelaire)

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A unique contribution to world literature, this experiment which itself partakes of genius, in translation and interpretation of the work of one of France's favorite poets. No advance report of this book was possible, due to the method of publication -- but no advance was necessary to guarantee the wide interest and assured sale of a book combining on the title page, three such names:- two Pulitzer Prize Winners (one of them the anomaly of publishing -- a poet who is also a best seller), and Baudelaire. First edition value in the Millay picture through her brilliant critical contribution in the Introduction, which tells the story of the experiment in its inception and development, and in the biographical notes on Baudelaire, at the close, presented as brief comments on the people who played the lead in his life, rather than as the conventional chronological account. The format of the book -- original poem on one page, translation on facing page, gives the scholar of comparative literature opportunity to weigh the quality of the translation with the original before him. In the English translations, whether by Miss Millay or Mr. Dillon, one sensesnot only faithful rendering of the spirit and form of the original text, but a rare beauty of poetical diction, in choice of wording and modelling of phrase. An essential item.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1936
Publisher: Harper