I'LL TELL YOU A TALE by J. Frank selected by Isabel Gaddis Dobie


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In an engaging introduction, which Mr. Dobie calls ""The Author's Intrusion"", Texas most famed author writes that in 1961 it will be 40 years since he became ""a hunter of tall tales"". He further points out that he heard most of those included in this collection when he was young and the tellers old. The fact that the authentic voice of the pioneer Southwest is here preserved is reason enough for this anthology, but the addition of the loving craftsmanship, warmth and humor which Mr. Dobie always brings to his work marks this as an impressive piece of American literary folklore. Despite his dislike for the term, Dobie's stories are inescapably bound up with the area he records. Here in a bonanza collection of fifty of his best, Mr. Dobie and his one time student. Isabel Gaddis, have drawn from some dozen of his books. The stories are grouped into six sections: The Lenghorn Breed, Mustangs and Mustangers, Characters and Happenings of Long Age, Animals of the Wild. In Realms of Gold, and Ironies.

ISBN: 0292738218
Publisher: Little, Brown