FREEDOM AND FAITH: New Approaches to Christian Education by J. Gordon Chamberlin

FREEDOM AND FAITH: New Approaches to Christian Education

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Are all the varied educational activities in which Christians are engaged to be called Christian Education? Is it possible to find an approach to Christian Education equally applicable to all these activities? The author proposes an answer to these questions under the concept of ""Freedom and Faith"", which he develops by examining four areas: the context in which church education is carried on; the relation between education and theology; the objectives of the educational enterprise; and the processes of education and their implications for its goals. The present situation with respect to education in the churches is sharply scrutinized; the positions and proposals advanced by other writers in the field are evaluated. The book has to do more with the theory and philosophy of Christian education than with its concrete practice. It should be useful to readers engaged in this aspect of the Church's enterprise.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1965
Publisher: Westminster