MANY BUT ONE by J. H Jackson


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The fruits of the power of ecumenism set loose in the world by Pope John when he convened the Vatican Council become manifest when reading this plea for an ecumenics of charity among Catholics by the President of the North American Baptist convention. Here in lucid, zealous, sincere words, a Protestant minister seeks to present the view of the non-Catholic on the changing scene in the Church. What he sees is generally good but he also points out the continuing dangers to ecumenism. The net result, however, is one which offers the willingly objective Christian a chance to see what the possibilities are for unity but not necessarily union. Dr. Jackson's dedication to the cause is evident. Any Catholic who has not been exposed before to the anxiety of his separated brethren for charity will gain a new appreciation of its meaning in this book. That there is great hope for the future of Christendom in this concept is made patently clear. It is healthy indeed that Catholics are offered this opportunity to read the views of one who has looked honestly at the issue describing possibilities of agreement as well as showing the difficulties involved. May this book be made available widely for this laudable purpose.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1964
Publisher: Sheed & Ward