HE WHO FLEES THE LION by J. Klein-Haparash


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A pounds heavy novel with a huge cast of characters involved in an intricate plot that is told with careful attention to storytelling detail. This is the Roumanian Gone With the Wind and will be welcomed by those readers that enjoy a long bout of reading. It is sad mixture of high romance and adventure set against the background of the beginnings of WWII. Lutz Alda, Roumanian playboy/aristocrat agrees to penetrate the newly communized Poland for his country. Roumania, always aware of its smallness and weakness, had learned to use its conquerors over the centuries and at the start of the War, had to keep an eye on both the Germans and the Russians. Alda's experiences are on a collectivized farm that is steadily undermined by peasant capitalists and provides his cover to inspect the Russian takeover in Poland. The book shifts back and forth between the two militant potential oppressors and, though its size would make it seem plot heavy, the author has controlled it well to produce reader tension that seldom lets down.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1963
Publisher: theneum