ICH HABE FALSCH GELEBT: ""I Have Lived Wrongly by J. M. Frank

ICH HABE FALSCH GELEBT: ""I Have Lived Wrongly

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A biography in two volumes of a contemporary German musician, Rainer Hart, little known over here, and written one imagines, to publicize a Nazi artist, since so few are left. The first volume -- Ninth Symphony -- deals with his early life. Of simple peasant stock, he went through the war to settle finally in Berlin -- where he hoped to give expression to the music he had so long withheld. Penniless, with a young and inexperienced woman at his side, he eventually attains success as a producer and tone-film composer, but it is a cheap and shoddy kind of fame. In the second volume, Merry-Go-Round, he loses his wife and child, and faces the emptiness of worldly success -- to go on to creative composing. Medicore

Publisher: Universitas Deutsche Veriags-Aktiengesellschafft B