STAN MUSIAL; ""The Man's"" own Story as told to Bob Broeg by
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STAN MUSIAL; ""The Man's"" own Story as told to Bob Broeg

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(YA) When Stan Musial shot from Class D to the Cardinals in one swift year, he had no idea how long his career might last. He could not have predicted how soon, if ever, the attention of baseball fans everywhere would be riveted upon him as he racked up records and won their affection with his high standards of sportsmanship. This is as much the history of an era as it is the biography of one man: the establishment of the farm system, the breaking of the color barrier, the creation of the players' pension fund, all happened while Stan Musial wore the ""Big 6"". Followers of National League ball during that era will nostalgically lament the good old days of Ebbets Field, and youngsters who can't remember back that far will want the lowdown of Ten Tips on Hitting, and the list of records at the back. Broeg, close to the Cards for many years as he covered sports for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, can doubtless be credited with the actual composition of the text. Down to the last chapter, he has found enough different adjectives and expressions to go around. Twenty-two-seasons-of-baseball could have been the most repetitious book of a lifetime. Amazingly, for all that it does tell about many actual games played, this one is fresh, bright, and as lively as Preacher Roe's famous spitball.

Publisher: Doubleday