UNCLE by J. P. Martin


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Uncle is an elephant, as well-endowed in assets as in bulk, who acts with the patriarchal pomposity of an elderly great uncle. His home, Homeward, is vast and complex, and a good part of this collection of stories involves ambling through this rambling, Victorian-gingerbread version of Disneyland. He is perennially heckled by a declasse bunch who live in a dingy, disreputable place called Badfort. Outside of the manipulation of this feud, Uncle's activities, like shopping at a bargain-filled department store, making arrangements with a befuddled pharmacist, supervising a swimming party, or attending the cinema with his aged friends, are just too busy. The whimsy seems stodgy and sometimes obscure.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1966
Publisher: Coward-McCann