HOW TO BE RICH by J. Paul Getty


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Mr. Getty, who has become the Bernard Baruch (minus bench) of Playboy magazine, here offers a substantial, intelligent, practical guide to the making of at least a mint, if not a million. He starts with his own success story, emphasizing the fact that although he was a rich man's son, he made it on his own (practically) working as a combination boss-roustabout in the oil fields. Along with the thrill of drilling his way to his first million (made when he was 23) he learned some basic principles that he has carefully adhered to throughout his career. The major one dealt with labor: ""The man who works for you is entitled to decent wages, decent working conditions--and your respect."" Simple? So are his rules of the game whether directed to the executive, the investor, the student or the just plain interested. He offers his own views on relevant topics such as ""The Millionaire Mentality"" or ""The Morals of Money"" and illustrates his points with personal anecdotes. His comments on unions, labor-management relations, economic trends and sociological factors are certainly valuable although they won't necessarily appeal to the corporation man. An excellent How To book from a $$$ and sense man.

Publisher: Trident- Playboy Press