THIS INWARD HORROR by J. Russell Warren


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Melodrama, carried into a metaphysical terrain, this tells of a man who comes to, after an accident, with the face, clothes, speech of Spike Ugberrie, thief, and the memory of having murdered the man from whom he'd stolen. Preceding this, however, is another memory of his true identity as Richard Cardington, who had died at that moment, in a dentist's chair. Escaping the police and given refuge by a priest, he is able to convince the priest of his belief, given a new chance as a man of respectability and refinement as Paul Newman, and eventually falls in love with the widow of Richard Cardington. Arrested by the Yard, he is tried as Ugberrie, acquitted, and sustained by the love of Jennifer Cardington...Experimental, exploratory, this pursues the tangent of transmigration with speculative suspense.

Pub Date: July 16th, 1948
Publisher: Dutton