CANADA FIGHTS: An American Democracy at War by J. W. edited by D

CANADA FIGHTS: An American Democracy at War

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This is actually a composite picture, written by a group of men, specialists in their departments, and the material has been blended into a unity by the editor. This accounts for some sense of repetition, but on the whole -- while it is not an inspired work, it does answer many questions in most people's minds today. Against a brief outline of the history of Canada, and of the relations of Canada with Great Britain and the United States, and of the present economic, governmental and political set-up, the text goes on to the war program and achievements. There's no hesitation in placing considerable blame for virtually a year's loss of time (and warning is thrown in our direction lest we do likewise); mistakes are acknowledged, dangers indicated. But the valuable contribution of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan towards hemisphere defense, the amazing progress since spring 1940, the sacrifice and unanimity of effort, now things are under way, all supported by actual figures and facts of accomplishment. Two attempts were made to jettison the program:-the French-Canadian revolt under Duplessis, and the furore over Mackenzie King's suspected pro-U.S. rather than pro-British viewpoint, so far not sustained. Restrictions on civil liberties are charged -- but adjustment is under way. Recurrent emphasis on necessity of wholehearted cooperation of defense needs, and urging standardization of requirements.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1941
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart