THE COMPLETE BOOK OF DOG HEALTH by J. William & Elizabeth Randolph Animal Medical Center Kay


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Comprehensive, if decidedly dense, this book is overly technical. The collaboration between Randolph (How To Be Your Cat's Best Friend, 1981), Dr. Kay (NY Animal Medical Center Chief of Staff) and 16 other AMC staff members give the three-part book credibility, but also an uneven tone, because the different contributors have styles that simply don't blend well. In the first part of the book (that covering medical and general dog care), the chapter on Common Surgical Procedures is simple to follow, and helpful regarding a spay, neuter, or other routine operation. But the section on nutrition is longwinded, rambling, and ultimately too technical for a lay reader. In Part 11 (""People/Pet Relationships""), the chapter on Canine Behavior, though thoughtfully presented, is dry and off-putting (""We know that dogs do not engage in these various behavior systems in a random manner and that observable environmental stimuli are important predictors of what an animal will do."") Conversely, the chapters on dealing with a dog's death and the beneficial role dogs play in people's lives are sensitive and candid. A list of some 300+ dog illnesses and diseases, comprising the third part of the book, provides a brief rundown of the symptoms, treatments, and prognoses for each. In sum, thorough but tedious.

Pub Date: June 5th, 1985
Publisher: Macmillan