NEW DIRECTIONS 38: Anthology by J.; with Peter Glassgold & Frederick R. Martin--Eds. Laughlin

NEW DIRECTIONS 38: Anthology

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Not a bad harvest this time around. Clinkers, to be sure: reading James Purdy's adventures of an underground filmmaker is like being forced at knife point to eat a six-pack of powder puffs. Peter Kurinsky plods through an attenuated, pulseless tale of revealed roots. Danish writer William Heinesen's tale paralleling a writer's Provencal work-retreat being overrun by insects with the Holocaust is offensive and clumsy. But Betsy Adams weighs in with a stuttering but well-shaped Objectivist poem. Ferlinghetti offers a polemical poem protesting contemporary poetry's intense and jellied subjectivism. Paul West writes a sharp-focus, classically clean, fictional account of the life of Stauffenberg, the German general who attempted to overthrow Hitler. Peter Balakian takes poetry honors, with his seven poems of the sea, of fishing, of winter--straight, pure craft, which we hope to see more of soon.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1979
Publisher: New Directions