WHAT'S COOKIN' by Jack Bailey


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This necessitates a double barreled review, if I am to divorce my repugnance for the form from my liking for the fundamental facts. There is no effort to make this a rounded cookbook; there's recognition of great gaps- no fish, for example. It is a highly personal cookbook, composed of not only things men (this man especially) like but things he and his friends cook. No gourmet book, this, but full of recipes that sound worth trying out. I'm earmarking-figuratively speaking- his ""sausage cabbage head"", his ""pippin' pot roast"", his ""riced liver"", his ""eggs sick-a-bed"", his wife's ""icebox freeze"", his ""zucchini corn pudding"". BUT- I have to grit my teeth and stand his style, his flippancy, his smart-aleckyness. I can't see that it does anything but detract from the value of his book and I don't believe it will add any market, except perhaps, those men who are shy about acknowledging they like to cook- and need this approach to persuade them.

ISBN: 0548384142
Publisher: World Book