LABOR'S GRASS ROOTS: A Study of the Local Union by Jack Barbash

LABOR'S GRASS ROOTS: A Study of the Local Union

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In 1948 Prof. Barbash (Univ. of Wisconsin) wrote his book on Labor Unions in Action, which still reads well as warm human analysis of many of the problems confronting unions in their internal struggles- against communism, against management, against the rise to power of their leadership. His current book is a matter-of-fact study of the internal government of unions at the local level, only too often ignored in the broader picture of national union organization. He discusses administration, collective bargaining, the relation with the labor movement, and other matters-legislative, political and welfare activities. His approach is direct, sincere and objective. In spite of his long association with the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union and the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, he has not lost sight of the activities of the local unions and his analysis is fair and substantive. A useful book for the citizen whose operations bring him in touch with the locals.

Publisher: Harper