JAMIE by Jack Bennett


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It is so easy to forget that children are often ready to step over the idelines from which they watch their world while waiting for the strength to act it, that it is good to have a Jamie come along and remind us in print of the fact that a good upbringing and a high purpose are strong motive forces in boyhood. When Jamie's father was gored to death on his back-country South African farm by a rogue buffalo who was trying to find water in the drought stricken area, Jamie decided that he must be the one to kill the government protected animal. The 12 year old's obsession produced much sympathy, but no cooperation among his adult neighbors. He could get no gun or ammunition from them and his own had gone long since to help ease the debts that drought had brought. He stubbornly turned to the natives and came up with a defective blunderbuss and four rum-dum bullets. With a native boy for companion and a dizzying sense of fate driving him, he sets out and brings down his adversary. A short book and perfect for a memorable afternoon's reading in Indian Summer.

Publisher: Little, Brown