OUT WEST by Jack -Ed. Schaefer


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An overflowing haul of stories of the West -- NOT horse opera Westerns -- travels rewardingly from Applegate to Wister with each selection welcomingly and warmly introduced by the editor. From books, magazines, travel and notebook observations, from fiction and some non-fiction, from men on the scene and away from it, the material is built into a convincing collection which holds primarily to colloquial simplicity and its vigorous humor, boisterous life and tall stories. Here are ""sun-god heroes"", Indians, pioneers, the white conquerors, the animals on whom their lives depended, the families and finally the old men recalling the days of their youth. Mary Austin, Walter Clark, Edwin Corle, Stephen Crane, H. L. Davis, Howard Fast, Vardis Fisher, Hamlin Garland, Bret Harte, Oliver La Farge, Jack London, Frederick Remington, Eugene Rhodes, Conrad Richter, Mari Sandoz, Wallace Stegner, Stewart Edward White- are among those who bring authenticity to the panorama and who contribute to a definite literature of the West. Good stuff.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin