THE HORSEMEN by Jack Engelhard


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For those who wonder what there is to racing besides placing a bet, screaming one's self hoarse (!) and lamenting financial loss, Engelhard carries the reader from the stables, around the track and into the dressing rooms. This is the pasture of the jockeys, agents, owners, trainers, grooms, and the bangtails themselves. The author observes the Kings of the Sport as they shovel shit, drug their mounts, line up at the starting gates, gallop stirrup-to-stirrup into the stretch and endure the inevitable toss. The notorious rivalry between the Panamanian jockeys and the Americans -- a derby unto itself -- is illustrated as Engelhard watches Walter Blum approach -- and eventually win -- his 4,000th race. What makes the author cap his spurs is the people: how they live, what they find in the mounts. A ridable enough hack, Engelhard -- and at times he even prances.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Regnery