LET MY PEOPLE GO by Jack Finegan


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Here in full detail is the story of the story of Exodus, bringing to bear on the many difficult problems which are raised all the relevant material which comes from modern scholarship, both in the field of Biblical criticism and in the area of archeological discovery and Egyptology. Were the Israelites ever in Egypt, where did they live, how did they really get out? Was Moses a real person, etc? These and similar questions are raised and studied by Dr. Jack Finegan who writes informatively, but also interestingly, and no serious student of the Old Testament can afford to miss this exploration into the history and theology of Moses and his times. Moses emerges as a real person and the God of Exodus is seen to be still active in his world on the side of human freedom, a dream born so long ago when his people were slaves in the land of Egypt.

Pub Date: Jan. 16th, 1962
Publisher: Harper & Row