TIME AND AGAIN by Jack Finney


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Tiffs is a high precision presentation of a remarkable experiment. Simon Morley, an artist with a premium on imagination, is chosen as a possible subject by a group operating on the theory that time is charted by a myriad of details and if surrounded by what appear to be the artifacts and events of an era, they might be able to project themselves into the actual time slot. For weeks Simon is secluded in an apartment in New York's famous landmark, the Dakota, where he dresses, eats, entertains himself and reads newspapers in tire style of the New York of 1894 and finally he walks out into the Central Park of that January. Mr. Finney has researched with enthusiasm and the scenes Simon describes have a graphic vitality. And there is a mystery that Simon is determined to solve that has to do with a suicide and a cryptic letter that ends ""the sending of this should cause the Destruction by Fire of the entire World."" With photos, this is a fully illustrated fascinator and the time transitions are seamless.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1970
ISBN: 0684801051
Publisher: Simon & Schuster