WILDFIRE by Jack Foxx


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A Northern California logging town, now pretty much of a mountainside showplace with little industry, finds itself in the middle of a drought and sitting on a tinder box. Not only that, a bent Bircher, the mill owner Johnston, has been stockpiling ammo and weapons for a patriotic group down in Florida, and he has two sealed boxcars of these explodables waiting to be shipped. Meanwhile, a tough-luck self-pity artist (he recently lost a leg) has a beautiful wife he hasn't bedded or even touched for two months, and she is being wooed by a writer who lives alone in a crazy-quilt wood-butchered cabin. Some nasty criminals have heard about the mill owner's arsenal and are determined to hijack it. Instead, a wildfire erupts when one of the nasties shoots a man and ignites a fuel tank. Suddenly the whole town is surrounded by flames. The only way out is by rail--with the help of a great old museum-piece engine. The rivals (the writer and the one-legged husband) face each other out in the engine's cabin as they drive over burning trestles and so on under walls of fire, while the nasties try to commandeer the train which is about to explode because of the ammo. . . .Dated, movie-inspired melodrama.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1978
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill