FAY GOW: A Boy of Hong Kong by

FAY GOW: A Boy of Hong Kong

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Fay Gow was born aboard a junk in Hong Kong harbor. He has always lived there and he probably always will. There is no attempt to soften the hardships of the fishing people who make up his large family and their neighbors. Life is squalid by our standards, but how it is carried on has been caught in clear photographs with short, direct captions-- the chicken coops lashed to the sides of the junk, the fleabitten, but very necessary watchdog, and the equipment of living and fishing kept down to bare, well worn essentials. Fay Cow's trip through a pleasure garden (a la Walt Disney's Fantasyland) allows the reader to learn the legends that are Fay Gow's heritage as the boy stands emused before the garish plaster recreations of the complicated Chinese mythology.

Publisher: Knopf