CROISET THE CLAIRVOYANT by Jack Harrison Pollack


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An Extraordinary Volume about the Crime-Busting Clairvoyant of Holland, Gerard Croiset. Case after case Documents the Strange Story: Murderers, Thieves, Degenerates, Missing Children, Adults and Animals, all have Filtered Through the Paragnost's Mind. Paragnost, a compound from the Greek, para meaning beyond, gnosis meaning knowledge. Beyond Knowledge. Says Croiset (over many pages): I see a bicycle...a spade...I see the murderer tall and dark...I see a Marlene Dietrich type...the boy's body buried...I see a line running over a bladder...there are two bladders! Doctors have been Astounded, the police Thrilled. Says Croiset's mentor, Professor Tenhaeff of Utrecht's Parapsychology Institute: the research of the ""inner"" world may well prove as valuable as that of the Einsteinian ""outer"" one. Included also is the Chair Test which Cannot Be Explained. But perhaps the Real Clincher came when the author first wrote about Croiset for This Week. Typical Response: A Kansas minister wrote, ""I lost the only key to my filing cabinet. I prayed to God but he hasn't helped me so far. Can you help me, Mr. Croiset?"" A California woman wrote, ""I was separated from my family when I was 3 years old in 1909. Can you help me find them before it is too late?"". Actually the book is One Big Article, a stunning example of Sunday Supplement Mitosis. Absorbing, Enlightening, Thorough. It should produce even more Interesting Requests- it's possible- for the Dutch para.... Paragnost. Yes.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1964
Publisher: Doubleday