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HODDY DODDY by Jack Kent



Pub Date: March 19th, 1979
Publisher: Greenwillow

Three noodle stories set in a little town in Denmark where, though only one of the characters is identified as a hoddy doddy--""that is to say, a foolish fellow""--there's no end to the witlessness. On the lookout for some visiting Norwegian sailors (""I have never seen anybody from Norway""), an old man shakes hands with the lobsters loose on deck--and pronounces Norwegians ""rather small people. . . but they have a powerful handshake!"" Seeking to save the town clock from an approaching enemy, three townsmen drop it in deep water offshore--and cut an X on the side of the boat to mark the spot. For the honor of his homeland, a patriot out-cuckoos a bird perched across the border. There's nothing very clever about this foolishness, but the cartoons put it across with energetic good cheer.