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An occult science-fantasy, this galloping comic strip could as well have been called Bride of the Computer, since the story turns on whether the virgin billionairess Angelique will submit to fusion with the artificially intelligent megalocomputer SAINT, which daily sifts a library of scientific information and satanic lore ""as high as the moon."" Sir Robert McKenzie, master of SAINT and the worldwide Magellan Corporation, is squeezed to pulp on his volcanic Caribbean island after being pursued by a 20-foot-high invisible Tyrannosaurus Rex or some kind of racing two-footed lizard with prehensile capabilities for crushing humans. Enter his inheritor, illegitimate daughter Angelique Montagne, a quadriplegic ""with the face and body of a very young Brigit Bardot"" in a voice-activated superwheelchair (her muscle tone is kept up by fantastically costly drugs). Angelique has no feelings below the neck and thinks she wants to become a bride of Christ--a nun. But now as an ultrabillionairess, perhaps with voice-activated robot limbs in her future, she is smitten by security investigator Gregory MacDonald, a former mountie. And Greg too--while tracking the invisible ""Something"" which rules the island--falls for his adorable sexpot boss whose tasty body has never been stirred--not once--in any way. Then Angelique is kidnapped, as is her nurse Marie, a 47-year-old nun whom a Lucifer cult--the true masters of SAINT--reduces to a 17-year-old yearning adolescent. Meanwhile, a rival computer run by the God Squad at Oxford prepares to do battle with SAINT. Weaving throughout the tale is the villanious Dark Man, a solarized but completely black space that moves about in a frigid manshape and absorbs firepower with a chilling laugh. When Angelique is laid out on the cult's great stone alter, and Greg's genitals are tom out by the roots and fed to an evil statue, and the volcano erupts beneath them, what possible rosy ending to it all could there be? But there is--even though Greg is surgically now a transsexual and his lesbian marriage with Angelique can be consummated heterosexually only by effortful fantasy with and a two-way dildo. Clumsy, bubbling junk.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1985
Publisher: Bluejay Books--dist. by St. Martin's