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THE RED TAPE WAR by Jack L. Chalker


by Jack L. Chalker & Mike Resnick & George Alec Effinger

Pub Date: April 24th, 1991
ISBN: 0-312-85151-0
Publisher: Tor

 Just what the sf literary establishment has been waiting for: a round-robin novel wherein the author of one particular chapter endeavors to confound the author due up next with an insoluble cliffhanger. Apparently the original intention was a parody of bureaucracies grinding into diplomatic inaction, but that soon got lost amid a welter of invading aliens, reduplicated characters, love-lorn computers, southern belles, and what-all. Just to get you started, 67th-century Earth diplomat Millard Fillmore Pierce is intercepted by an invading alien fleet whose reptilian leader is also called Millard Fillmore Pierce and is also from (an other-dimensional) Earth. Meanwhile, a teeny-weeny alien invader creeps up on the pair of them; the newcomer is also guessed it...and hails from yet another parallel dimension. Thereafter, things grow more absurd and confused, but not, alas, either funny or provocative. Silly idea, predictable outcome.