HANGER STOUT, AWAKE! by Jack Matthews


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Introducing from the tree limb on the left, the hangingest hanging man in the country, Clyde Stout. Sound like a wiggy field event? It started when Mr. Comisky drove into the station to have his car fixed. But it's Clyde's story, told in diary form and he's one of the most charming, congenial characters met in years. Clyde isn't too intelligent but he's smart. He's also in-cred-ibly naive, innocence personified. So when Mr. Comisky bets him that he can't hang from the grease rack for two minutes without regripping or shifting, he does. He wins the bet and acquires the unwanted knickname ""Hanger."" And a new champ is born. The boys at the station near to bust up laughing. But Mr. Comisky wants a bigger contest with the four minute hanging man from Detroit with $200.00 at stake so Hanger trains. In the meantime the business of living goes on: His beloved Chevy to take care of... trips to his favorite junkyard, his girl Peggy to write to, his mother (who's going through the change of life) to take care of, his mother's friend Phyllis at the Dairy Freeze to avoid etc. etc. Then he turns nineteen and there's the draft notice. And there are the visions he sees when he hangs too long. A delightful notion of a book Hang in there boy.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1967
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World