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CAREERS by Jack Minter


Be Savvy, be True to Yourself and Don’t be a Moron: Turn Work into a Hobby (Volume 1)

by Jack Minter

Pub Date: Aug. 24th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1461095897
Publisher: CreateSpace

Minter compiles advice and reflections that he has told his children into a short, easy, entertaining read geared to young adults who appreciate a little sass in their reading material.

Each chapter of the book provides advice on a different theme, everything from knowing your strengths to making goals to networking. Despite these commonplace topics, Minter delivers content that feels different and new due to his writing style; whereas other books in the genre rely on a friendly tone, Minter goes a step further and injects snarky comments and stories into the text. The author walks the fine line of sarcasm, sounding like a cooler, older sibling and never coming off as a condescending adult. In places, the book becomes comical; his chapter on morons in the workplace and other anecdotes are entertaining and illustrate his points well. Snappy chapter titles such as “Don’t Race Cows” and “Do What Unsuccessful People Won’t” are screwy enough to allude to the chapters’ contents while also enticing the reader. The style could easily appeal to those who enjoy plucky horseplay, but may come off as tedious to a more serious reader looking for a handbook of professional advice. Although the author reads as a sibling, when he discusses college and international travel, he calls himself a bit of a dinosaur. Here, Minter deviates from popular sentiment that college should be an experience. Instead, he argues that college should be geared toward getting a career, and it seems, in Minter’s opinion, that career should be in the private sector. Whereas other books treat service and public sector jobs with a range of deference to acknowledgement, Minter completely ignores these types of positions. Although the omission is noticeable, it doesn’t distract from the other advice and messages that, together, make up a quick, amusing read. A useful blend of friendly and snarky advice from an older sibling.