FOURTH DOWN PASS by Jack Paulson


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A near-disastrous brush with an unscrupulous press agent separates a rising college athlete from the team psychologically and physically in this earnest sports novel for boys. Despite the advice of his roommate, Ben Rosen, and the sportswriter Larry Hale to stay away from the press agent. Slip Kester, Charlie becomes a tool of Kester, in his publicity device to build a star. Because of Kester's efforts, Charlie loses an offer to play in pro-football, acquires a swelled head, and is finally removed from the team for lack of cooperation and spirit. However, Charlies realizes his losses and works his way back into the graces of his friends and Midstate U. Fast football and a new sidelight on the star system, although generally elementary.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1950
Publisher: Winston