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POWERTAKE by Jack Rosenfeld


Get What You Want Without Hurting Others

by Jack Rosenfeld

Pub Date: May 21st, 2010
ISBN: 978-1450218672
Publisher: iUniverse

A book of theories and exercises for those wanting to take control of their lives.

Rosenfeld’s handbook for self-improvement consists of seven attributes: internal direction, evaluation of consequences, assertiveness, clear communication, nonsensitivity, nonentitlement and money management. These traits are key to living the life one wants and “doing this in ways that [won’t] hurt others.” As there are many forms of success, such as money, independence, career change, managing stress, retirement and so on, the first task is to decide just what success means for the individual. Once a goal is decided upon, and there are no judgments here about that goal, the strategies promise to deliver personal freedom essential for power to direct one’s life. For example, Rosenfeld has designed a questionnaire to help determine one’s ability to stand up for oneself and a thorough description and discussion of how to further develop assertiveness; it’s followed by many pages of interactive assignments. Additional exercises for developing other specific skills are carefully explained and supplemented with theoretical explanations of causes and effects. Each lesson builds logically on the previous steps to make the connections necessary. This is neither a course in popular psychology nor a course to speed through, but rather a process that is to be taken seriously at a measured pace. Time for reflection and review are essential and rewarding, and the process can be repeated should an adjustment to life direction need to be made. Rosenfeld, a psychologist with 50 years of experience, writes in an encouraging voice, which helps the individual gain the confidence to acquire the self-control necessary for making effective life changes.

A year or more of meaningful therapy in a self-help manual.