MOUNTAIN OF FIRE by Jack Steffan


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The third in the series, this novel takes place a hundred years ago in what is now Lassen Volcanic National Park, the park surrounding the United States' last active volcano. Told from the point of view, both of Major Reading, a white officer, cognizant of the Indian's predicament and of Astuguwi, an Indian, this is the story of the pioneer rush west for gold and the greedy indifference to the havoc it wrought on the Indians who lay in the prospector's path. Determined to find a short route through the mountains, unprincipled prospectors used the gun on the Indian, destroying any obstacle in their way. Only the exceptional, men like Major Reading, appreciated the Indian plight and devoted themselves to offering the Indian the sanctuary of a reservation. Heartsick at the destruction his people encountered, Astuguwi appeals to the mountain and the mountain answers erupting its volcanic flame. This eruption ultimately resulted in the creation of Lassen Volcanic Park, a sanctuary to all indigenous life in that area. A well constructed, compassionate, and informative novel which is pertinent to both those with an interest in Americana and those with a Scout background.

Pub Date: Aug. 27th, 1959
Publisher: John Day-Your Fair Land