LET'S CATCH A FISH! by Jack Stokes


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They come in all colors/and all shapes and sizes;/ Fishing is fun/ and so full of surprises."" There are no surprises in Stokes' singsong rhyme, but his step by step instructions for assembling hook, sinker, bobber, line and pole (there's a choice at each stage of found or store-bought parts), then adding the bait and pulling in the fish, are set in extra large primer style print and accompanied by simple, black-outlined pictures (including spreads of assorted grinning fish) that make the whole procedure seem both attractive and easy. In the end though, when Stokes advises readers to cut the line with scissors when dropping the fish into the bucket (presumably because removing the hook might be dangerous), it would seem more realistic to call on adult help -- especially as the preschooler this seems designed for could probably use some supervision all along the way.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1974
Publisher: Walck