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by Jack Tickle ; illustrated by Jack Tickle

Pub Date: March 1st, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-58925-175-5
Publisher: Tiger Tales

From authorial pseudonym on, an invitation to interact with a jolly red dinosaur.

Resembling a stegosaurus in the bright, very simple cartoon pictures, Dizzy comes with a big, round tummy just right for tickling. But don’t overdo it, or he’ll fall into the pond! Oh well, too late….“Let’s shake the book up and down. That will dry him off.” Further interactive opportunities include shouting “BOO!” to cure hiccups, turning the book lengthwise to help the dismayed dino down from a tree, and for a sweet if not exactly sanitary close, giving him a kiss on his bandaged nose (“Awww!”) before waving bye-bye. Like Christie Matheson’s Tap the Magic Tree (2013), Salina Yoon’s Tap To Play (2014) and most other faux tablet print diversions, this doesn’t reach the level of inventiveness in Hervé Tullet’s Press Here (2011), not to mention the zillions of apps it mimics, but even tottery toddlers will be up to the simple actions that “Tickle”—a joint pseudonym for illustrators Jane Chapman and Tim Warnes—urges.

Tailor-made for ticklers and ticklees alike.

(Picture book. 1-3)