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A-HIKING WE WILL GO by Jack Van Coevering



Publisher: Lippincott

Years ago Sam Scoville wrote a little book on discovering nature through the ""outdoor club"". For many seasons this book had a steady sale; it probably still is the impetus for many grown ups and young people to join forces in nature study through observation outdoors, at all seasons. Now Jack Van Coevering is supplying that need through his books. The last one had to do with birds. Real Boys and Girls Go Pirding; this one tells the true story of nature hikes, at various seasons, at lakeside, seashore, in the mountains and the woods, and through the marshes. It covers a wide range of interest, -- birds, wild creatures, butterflies, insects of all sorts, flowers, fungi, and so on. An excellent combination of factual information and inspiration to go and do likewise. Illustrated with photographs. The author has used his native Michigan for much of his background, but has purposely included other parts of the country, east and west.