THE NEXT BOOM by Jack W. Plunkett


What You Absolutely Positively Have to Know About the World Between Now And 2025
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Owner of a research company and author of more than 30 books Plunkett discusses the factors that will influence the demands in the future economy.

Plunkett (Plunkett’s Telecommunications Industry Almanac 2011, 2010, etc.) takes an optimistic view of the near-future economy, which he defines as anytime from now to 2025. Between increasing worldwide populations and the needs of America’s own aging baby boomers, Plunkett sees markets expanding, demands shifting and the United States as the technology leader that will fill the needs of the changing landscape. Overall Plunkett’s style is polished and engaging for both business experts and lay audiences. Throughout the book, the author demonstrates his ability to easily and clearly present information, laying out arguments so logically that some otherwise surprising predictions, like an African “breadbasket,” seem plausible. Even explanations of scientific concepts, such as nanotechnology, are simplified and approachable. While having a wealth of knowledge and research behind him, the author seems particularly eager to inspire conversation among readers, offering lists of resources, discussion questions and links to an online discussion forum at the end of each chapter. For those who have a sincere interest in the world economy, Plunkett’s text contains the numbers and analysis that will strike a positive chord; however, for others, the book may come off as too data-heavy, with paragraphs full of facts, figures and sources, especially when compared with the watered-down counterparts of the genre. Despite the well-reasoned presentation and substantiating facts, readers will find that some of the author’s predictions feel incongruous with one another. For example, when it comes to technologies, Plunkett looks forward, visualizing acceptance and spread of sometimes controversial technologies, such as genetically modified foods; in other places, the viewpoint feels stagnant in our own time, such as the author’s confidence in fossil fuels. Yet these difficulties don’t harm the reading experience; instead they provide thought-provoking content for discussion with reading groups or even on the book’s LinkedIn group.

Humble, honest and fact-filled, Plunkett’s book is a great option for those interested in learning more about and discussing the factors that will influence the world’s near-future economy.


Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1608799992
Page count: 274pp
Publisher: BizExecs Press
Program: Kirkus Indie
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