THE HIMMLER PLAQUE by Jackson Collins


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Reporter and Vietnam veteran Roger Wilder, chasing the story that will save his paper from financial ruin, tracks down the mysterious Himmler Plaque, a grisly Third Reich relic that hides a sensational secret. It's the 1980's, but the mood is all 1940's as tough-guy Wilder, the best reporter on the San Antonio Sentinel, reluctantly follows his editor's instincts and begins to tie together a string of apparently unrelated murders, only to discover that there's a Nazi executioner on leave from his South American Nazi retirement camp chasing around Texas and viciously strangling folks with dental floss. Ableiter, the sadistic German, is up in the States to recover a plaque made from the gold fillings of concentration-camp victims. Wilder and his editor spend more time than they ought to flying around Texas, Mexico and Tennessee talking to folks who shortly thereafter get wiped out; and the interrogators remain bewildered by the fact that, aside from the dental floss scars, nothing seems to link the murder victims other than an interest in things pornographic. To make things tougher for Wilder, the dreaded outside press barons are at the door of the nearly broke Sentinel, waiting to turn it into Tex Today. The chase boils down to a shoot-out--or perhaps a floss-off--at the Grand, Canyon. All in all: an unsettling book in that long stretches of moody, old-fashioned atmosphere are nastily interrupted by some thoroughly contemporary and truly stomach-turning violence.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1986
Publisher: St. Luke's Press