CENTER-FIELD JINX by Jackson Scholz


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Another contribution to the annals of sports from a seasoned student of the baseball diamond and the gridiron, this ventures on to the golf links as well. Using Jerry Connor's batting slump as the scapegoat symbol for their own failings, the New York Bombers' reputation fluctuated apparently in direct ratio to Jerry's performance. The slump hits an unpredictable low when Jerry, accompanied by his delightful friend Waldo, is farmed out to the Terriers, a good team now threatened with bankruptcy. Probing the ins and outs of his game and his own personal reactions. Jerry embarks on a campaign to improve his batting average. He finds the solution, not with bat in hand, but oddly under the stiff discipline of a golf club. It is gold that enables Jerry's comeback as the ace player who redeems the Terriers. Emerging against the fast paced action that is second nature to this author. Is the story of how a true professional deals with his own technical handicaps.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1961
Publisher: Morrow