BENCH BOSS by Jackson Scholz


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Kerry Flannigan, major league player, learns the hard way that there is more to sportsmanship than winning the game. For Flannigan's gospel is that anything goes as long as you beat the other team, and because he is not a superlative player in any one position, he uses his intelligence to madden, torment, and do anything short of cheating his opponents. But when he is given the chance to manage a popular B-team, he learns that ""Flannigan's Shenanigans"" do not inspire his men to confidence in him or in their ability as a group, and that only by convincing them of his integrity, can he get them to respond to his direction. He does convince them, saves the team, and earns the reputation of an A-1 manager. This is strictly for baseball enthusiasts, being, as it is, full of play by play descriptions and of technical jargon.

Pub Date: Aug. 20th, 1958
Publisher: Morrow