ORDER OF BATTLE by Jacob Javits
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The tone is earnest; the emphasis is on the positive; and the result is per. Senator Javits has provided the liberal Republican with a working guide to national programs and immediate goals based on economic realism. His beginning essay explains why he is a Republican. His terminal essay bluntly rejects the radical wing of the Party; denying them all of the ringing cries of Patriotism! Individualism! America First!, he concludes that blind, insecure self-interest motivates them. They concluded long ago that the Senator from New York wasn't a real Republican anyway. His positions on civil rights, the metropolitan mess, health, education and foreign aid have made him attractive to independent voters but leave him open to their charges of unorthodox thinking. Seizing on the historically based argument, he aligns modern Republicanism with Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, finding a tradition of humanism, enlightened debate and innovation that cannot be ignored within the GOP's background. He has no apology for the charge that his is the party of business, claiming that the powerful governments of Western Civilization were the soundly functioning results of commercial enterprise. The Senator is brief and clear. Timed for publication just prior to the election year campaigns, he articulates sensible goals for reasonable conservatives of any denomination.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1964
Publisher: Atheneum