WHERE I AM GOING by Jacqueline Grennan


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Miss Grennan is the lady who created a furor last year when she secularized not only herself but also the institution (Webster College in St. Louis) of which, as a nun, she had been president. Today, as a laywoman and still president of Webster, she continues to be a force for liberalism in Catholic education. The lectures and addresses of which this book is composed all deal with the goals of education, and, as such, do point out, as the title indicates, where Miss Grennan is going: but even more they explain how she got where she is, for it rapidly becomes plain to the reader that her ""passion for the open society of multiple alternatives"" is not one that could easily have been reconciled with the traditional values and strictures of convent life. The worth of these pieces, however, lies not in the originality of Miss Grennan's educational philosophy (for that philosophy is a novelty only in Catholic educational circles), but in the insight that they provide into the mind of a strong and courageous woman who really attempts to report the current scene and who has stirred up a storm of controversy in doing so. The book should be of some interest to Catholic educators, and it may well serve the purpose of persuading some that the purpose of Catholic education is ""to be a bridge and a beacon, and not a ghello, in our society.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1968
Publisher: McGraw-Hill