HOUSE OF ZEOR by Jacqueline Lichtenberg


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This genuinely original variation on the venerable vampire theme postulates the mutation of humanity into two subspecies: Gens, whose bodies produce selyn, a kind of electrochemical life force, and Simes, who get the selyn they need to survive by sucking it from Gens, slaughtering the victim in the process. The Channels, a third mutation able to transfer selyn without killing, offer a fragile hope for Sime-Gen symbiosis, but all will be lost unless the Channel Klyd and his Gen Companion Valleroy can rescue the latter's politically important fiancee from the clutches of the Simes. Admirers of the early Heinlein will appreciate the appealing characters, thoroughly realized context and metaphysically satisfying melodrama.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1974
Publisher: Doubleday