RENSIME by Jacqueline Lichtenberg


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Chronologically, this addition to the uneven, imaginative Sime/Gen series follows the cluttered but often superb Mahogany Trinrose (1981). Here, however, Lichtenberg disappointingly abandons all the previous involvement and intensity in favor of self-indulgent, aimless politics and violence. Digen Farris, head of the House of Zeor and World Ruler, is dead. At the funeral, a plot by ""Diet"" fanatics (whose purpose is to destroy the developing Sime/Gen co-operation and trust) focuses on unstable renSime Laneff Farris; she involuntarily murders a Gen by draining him (painfully) of ""selyn"" energy. Now a danger to all Gens, Laneff seeks sanctuary with friendly Yuan of the House of Riot. So, to disrupt the coming elections, Diet terrorism continues. And meanwhile, amid the usual Sime/Gen histrionics, Laneff labors to synthesize a drug that will cure her of her need to kill. In sum: a case of missed opportunities, with little more to offer than unconvincingly motivated, jargon-clotted soap opera--along with the unappealing Laneff and a faceless supporting cast. Strictly for series addicts.

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 1983
Publisher: Doubleday